The main features of inTouch are listed below. Other EPOS systems may offer some of these features but none can compete with Integer’s combination of a) being so easy to use, b) being so flexible, with a huge number of options that allow operators to adjust the system to their style of operating, and c) offering clear, jargon free, assistance from a highly experienced support team.

First Point of Contact

Taking an Order

Food Preperation

Delivery Driver Management


Table Service (Optional)

Reports and Analysis


Stock Control



Head Office


Broadband is not essential but it is recommended. Broadband is required for on-line ordering, texting and the map display. There are other benefits for inTouch users with broadband - on-line program and postcode updates, on-line support and remote access.

All customers are different - an inTouch system can be tailored to your exact requirements - and can be on your counter within days.