If you are new to the fast food business or you have not used an epos system before, this section is intended for you. It will tell you what you can expect from inTouch in the simplest of terms and give you an idea of some of the many options that we can offer you.

inTouch is an order-taking, management and marketing system for fast food delivery and takeaway businesses.

If you order the smallest possible inTouch system from Integer, you will find yourself with a touch screen and a printer on your counter. Obviously, the system does not have any records of your customers at first (unless we have transferred your customer database from another epos system) so...

When your telephone rings, the system will pick up the incoming number and display it on screen where you quickly add the customer’s name (using an on-screen keyboard). When you tap in your customer’s postcode, inTouch then fills in their address and displays the house numbers and names in that postcode. You simply tap the screen to select the correct one. So new customers are added quickly and accurately.

Every time that this customer calls your store again in the future, inTouch will automatically recognise their number and display their details on screen along with the store menu before the end of the first telephone ring. So you will be ready to take your customer’s order within seconds.

Touch screen ordering is fast and simple. For some dishes you will touch the screen twice – e.g. one button labelled “12” Thin” and another labelled “Pepperoni” or “Chicken” followed by “Balti”. When you select some dishes, they may offer a choice of flavours, fillings, dips or sizes. Some dishes only need one touch on the screen.

If you offer meal deals on your menu, inTouch will guide you through the choices available to the customer. Operator selling prompts can be made to appear, e.g. “would you like a drink with your order?”.

When a customer calls in to the store, touch “Takeaway” on screen and your store menu appears. You can touch “Pause” if you ever want to interrupt a shop order to take a telephone order, or vice versa.

At the end of the order, inTouch prints a clear professional looking receipt with space for promotional messages for your customers – and there won’t be any more arguments in your store caused by poor hand writing!


inTouch can be used with either thermal or impact (dot matrix) receipt/kitchen printers. Thermal printers are extremely fast, producing high quality printing (including a store logo) on single ply paper. Impact (dot matrix) printers are slower but will print in 2 colours on 2 ply paper. Both types of printer are supplied with auto-cutters. If you are not sure which type of printer is right for you, we will of course advise you.

We are still describing the smallest possible inTouch system with one printer. We will outline options for kitchen and multiple printers later.

The next stage in the order process happens when the food is in the hot bag and the driver is ready to leave the store. At this point, you touch the screen so that inTouch knows which driver has taken which order – so, if the customer calls back, you can tell them exactly when the driver left the store.

The third and final stage of the order process is when the driver pays you what they owe you. Drivers can pay after one delivery, after a few deliveries or at the end of the shift. The benefits of this are that you always know exactly how much each driver owes you – this saves a lot of time at the end of the shift.

The system includes a cash drawer which will open when you take payment from a driver or when you take payment from a customer in store.

At the end of a shift, you can wipe your brow and relax – safe in the knowledge that inTouch has been constantly updating your customer database as you serve your customers. This leads on to arguably the most important function of the system...


If all that you use the system for is what has been described above, you are just using it as a clever till – one with caller recognition, postcode look-up and driver management. inTouch holds your customer database – an extremely important asset in your business. So use it!

It’s so easy to identify customers who haven’t ordered from you recently – and then mail them, or e-mail them or send them a text – and it works!

Effective local marketing is the lifeblood of a food service business. inTouch gives you the power to market to customers like the big boys do.

The system gives you extensive analysis of your business, for example analysis of your delivery area by postcode sector. This splits your delivery area down by postcode and shows you the quantity, value and percentage of orders that come from each sector – so it helps you make informed decisions about where to distribute menus and offers and then measures the success.

Two last things to tell you that feature in even the smallest inTouch systems. You have access to your menu and can add or remove dishes, change prices and change the appearance of the screen at any time.

Finally, there is a section called “Options” that reflects the differences of opinion between our customers over the years. Many, many functions can be switched on and off in the software - it’s rare for us to be asked for a change to the way that inTouch operates that isn’t covered in this section.

So that’s what you can expect from even the most basic inTouch system. Here now are some of the additional features enjoyed by our customers.

Additional Features

Most of our customers use inTouch on more than one touch screen. If you have two incoming telephone lines, a two screen system will handle both telephone lines and takeaway orders too. We can also designate screens for specific functions such as make-line, driver despatch and takeaway.

inTouch works with single or multiple printers. The system can be set to print one receipt only, shared between kitchen, driver and customer. Many customers prefer to have two printers, one printing in the kitchen and the other printing receipts for drivers and customers. Some customers like to have multiple kitchen printers where pizza orders are sent to one printer, curry orders to another and burgers and chicken to yet another printer.

Another printing option is pizza box-edge, or curry/Chinese canister lid, thermal label printing. inTouch will print a label for pizzas and garlic bread only, and/or for selected food items or for all food items – as you choose. Each label displays the description of the food item, the order number and is number 1 of 4, 2 of 4 etc. A final label contains the customer name and address and the total amount due.

So a typical inTouch system in a busy store might comprise, 3 order taking touch screens at the counter, a touch screen over the make table that displays orders as soon as the phone goes down, a label printer that prints as soon as orders are bumped off the make screen, a touch screen for driver despatch and return and finally a receipt printer that prints as an order is assigned to a driver.

If a store has room for an office, that might contain an additional screen with a report printer that prints customer address labels for marketing. Not all stores have the luxury of office space so we are always happy for our customers to have a copy of our software installed on a laptop or PC at their home/office. Our customers can download data from their store, view reports and analysis and market their business when away from the store.


Broadband is not essential for all inTouch users but it is recommended. If you have broadband at the store, you can update your inTouch software and postcodes on-line and we can provide you with on-line support. Broadband will also enable you to display a Map of the delivery point on the driver despatch screen.

Broadband also gives you access to On-line Ordering. This is now an essential and expected method for your customers to place orders with you and is described in full elsewhere.

Broadband also provides access to Text Messaging. This is an effective and easy way for you to keep in touch with, and market your business to, your customers and is described in full elsewhere.

Having broadband in the store would also allow you to use the system for Credit Card authorisation. This option enables the operator to have a customers credit card authorised on screen at the end of their order and also provides a chip and pin pad for use in the store. It is described in full elsewhere.

inTouch has a Table service module that allows you to design a floor plan, take reservations, move parties from bar to restaurant and back, supports multiple printers and produces split bills. This module can be used with hand held wireless terminals to tale orders at the table.

Head Office software is available for multi outlet operations.