Integer’s iPhone App enables you to stake a claim on a valuable piece of territory – the screen on your customer’s smart phone – and to brand that space with your logo and company style.


The App would be available for your customers to download free from the iTunes store. With your App on their smart phones, your customers will have an even quicker and easier way to begin an on-line order.

Integer’s websites detect when an order is being made from a smart phone and automatically format the order screen for the customer’s phone.

As with standard mobile ordering from Integer, customers can add or remove toppings, select dips, add cooking instructions and add delivery instructions.

They can also use promotional codes and pay for their order by credit card from their smart phone. The customer will receive an acknowledgement of their order by e-mail – and their order will arrive on the screen of the inTouch system in-store.

The App doesn’t only make it easier for customers to order from you. They can;

  • see the location of your store on a map on-screen
  • check your opening hours
  • touch the screen to call you (or to e-mail you)
  • visit your website, and
  • keep up to date with your menu and special offers.

Our customers see on-line orders increase every month. The number of people with smart phones increases every day. We see the percentage of on-line orders which originate from smart phones rather than PCs also increase every month. An App builds your identity on-line, strengthens your brand, provides a gateway to e-commerce between your business and your customers, and cements their loyalty.

You can download an example of Integer’s iPhone App here