inTouch is more than just an EPOS system – it is a very powerful marketing system. The most successful operators are those who regularly market their business to their customers – and text messaging is a very fast and cost effective form of marketing.

You can send text messages to your customers, easily, quickly and directly from the inTouch epos system – and boost your sales. Your marketing can be precise – you control when text messages are sent and you choose which customers will receive them.

When one of our larger customers analysed their marketing effort, they found an average 4% rate of response to text messages. In other words, on average, 100 text messages sent resulted in 4 orders - so, if your average order is say £18, then £6 spent on text messaging can result in £72 worth of orders.

You can also setup inTouch to send a text message to your customer automatically when the delivery driver leaves the store, informing them that their order is on the way and how much money to have ready. This enhances the service you provide, cements customer loyalty and repeat orders and can also save precious time if, for example, a driver must wait at a security barrier.

With inTouch, you can;

The practicalities

*You need Broadband at your store to use text messaging properly, and broadband opens up many other benefits – on-line support, program and postcode updates available on-line, download data to home or office, access to on-line credit card processing and access to on-line ordering. If you do not want to have broadband, we can send text messages to your customers for you. Call us for more details.

The cost

As at January 2013, text message credits cost 5p each plus VAT (subject to a minimum order of £100 plus VAT). Customers who buy text credits in bulk may pay a little less. There is no contract or monthly fee to use text messaging (apart from software support).

With us, one text credit equals one text message sent (subject to the normal limit of 160 characters). That sounds obvious but some companies quote seemingly cheap prices because one text message sent requires more than one text credit! Don’t be fooled.

Occasionally customers tell us that they have seen texts offered cheaper on the internet.

There are four main classes of bulk SMS routes; budget, standard, premium & direct. Many companies quote on the lower quality routes – overseas routes which are cheaper. The quality varies enormously and the lower quality, lower cost routes are not as reliable.

We work with a company which routes texts through the UK, not overseas. If you send a marketing text at 6pm, you want it to arrive instantly. Plus there is an added value to our service, you market to customers specifically selected by you, from your desktop (or laptop) exactly when it suits you. So as with most things in life, you get what you pay for.

Legal concerns

Occasionally, customers ask us about the legality of marketing to their customers by text. The best advice that we can give is to consult the website of the Information Commissioner’s Office which in the FAQ section, as at 2nd June 2011, provides the following question and answer;

Q: I want to market my customers, both existing and potential, by (phone, fax and) email. Is there anything I need to be aware of?

“There are different requirements under the regulations for the different types of marketing. You should read our guidance before starting your marketing campaign. Marketing by post falls under the Data Protection Act.

Emails and text message

You must not contact individuals without their prior consent unless you have obtained their details in the course of a sale or negotiations of a sale, you only contact them about your own similar products or services and you give them the opportunity to opt out of receiving further marketing messages each time.”

*We have omitted the paragraphs about Telesales and Faxes which are not relevant here. This is the link if you want to check this for yourself.

This makes it clear that there is no requirement for customers to opt in to receiving text marketing messages from you if they are in your customer database as a result of having ordered food from you in the past and you are marketing food by text to them now.

Our text messaging service includes an opt out facility at no extra cost which ensures that customers who choose to exclude themselves will not receive any more text messages from you.

Text messaging is only available to customers with up-to-date software support.